New Patient Information

What to Bring

  • Your insurance card and co-pay.
  • Driver’s License or Photo ID.
  • All x-rays, MRIs, CTs or other films & reports you may have relating to your visit.
  • A list of all of the medications you are taking at this time, including dosage and frequency.
  • Any recent lab work.
  • Your referral from your primary care physician, if needed.
  • Completed New Patient Forms.

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Office Policies (links to Office Policies Page)

If you have not already completed the New Patient Packet prior to your visit, you will be asked to complete the form.  You will also receive a copy of our PRIVACY NOTICE.

Right to Request Confidential Communication

Typically, we communicate with you regarding your health care either through your home phone, work phone, or through mail at your home address. We may leave a message on voice mail or with a personal representative to contact us about information related to your care. You have the right to request that we communicate with you or your responsible party about your health care in an alternative way. To request confidential communications, you must write or fax us at:

Haynes Neurosurgical Group
801 Princeton Ave SW, Suite 310
Birmingham, AL 35211 

Fax: (205) 785-7944

We will not ask you the reason for your request. We will accommodate any reasonable requests. Your request must specify how or where you wish to be contacted.

Appointment Reminders

We may disclose your health information to notify you by calling or writing to remind you of a scheduled appointment, or to notify you that it is time to schedule a routine follow-up appointment. We may also call or write to notify you of a missed appointment or to reschedule a previously scheduled appointment. We may leave a message on your answering machine, voice mail, or with a personal representative to contact you about your appointment. Please notify us if you don't want to be reminded of your appointment.